Reducing the Costs of Watching Television

Most of us like to watch some television from time to time and there are some of us that like to watch it a lot. It can be company for us if we are on our own, a way to relax or a way to have fun or learn new things. Whatever the reason we have for wanting to watch television we will have to pay for the privilege. However, this can be quite pricey and so it is worth making sure that we are not paying more than necessary for it.

Look for free services

It is worth noting that there is a selection of free television services that you might be able to use. This could mean that as long as you have a device to watch on, you will not need to pay any extra money. This could include services such as catch up television, video streaming channels and things like this. It is very important to make sure that you are watching free services as there are some, such as BBC iplayer, which require a television licence to watch which will cost you money. You will also find that there are some items streamed on video websites which are actually illegal copies of programs that you should actually be paying for. Watch out for these as well as you can be punished for looking at these if you are caught – it is not just the person that puts them there that is liable.

Noting what we watch

Next it is important to note down what we actually watch. Think about whether there are specific things that we always make a note of watching or whether we just like to watch television in the background when you are doing other things. This will make a difference as you may want to get access to specific programs which you can only get in one place. Also take this opportunity to take a look at what you pay for and have access to and then you will be able to work out whether you think that you are getting good value for money.

Sharing Costs

There are some services where when you sign up you will be able to share with family members or friends. This could mean that you will be able to share the costs with them. You might perhaps be able to access a streaming app form a selection of different devices and if you allow friends and family access you could ask them to contribute towards the cost. Alternatively you could find out if your friends or family already have access and whether they would let you have access and you pay them a percentage of the cost of it.

Getting a package

It can sometimes be cheaper if you combine the cost of your television with other things. It might be that you can add in broadband or home phone and get a reduced price. It is therefore worth looking to see what options are available that would include what you want If you only want to watch terrestrial television then you will need a television licence and can tune in to Freeview and will not have to pay anything extra. It is not possible to get the television licence in a package although you might be able to get a reduced licence fee if you are elderly or have a sight problem, it is worth looking into this.

However, if you want cable or satellite television then you might be able to get a package together with your telephone landline and your broadband. It is good to be aware of what you might be charged and what is available so that you can see what your options are.

Comparing Prices

At this point you will be able to compare the prices of the different options that are available to you. It is important to make sure that you are aware of what you can afford as well as what the prices are. Therefore, make sure that you have looked at your bank account and your normal spending pattern and earning pattern and you will be able to work out whether you are managing well or whether you are having to rely on loans and borrowing to manage from lenders like If this is the case then you will want to make sure that you are paying the very least possible for the television so that you do not struggle to manage your money. If you can afford to pay more then you may decide that it is worth it. However, it is still wise to make sure that you are not paying out more than necessary.

It is wise to make sure that you compare prices regularly. You will find that the cheapest company at one time may not still be the same company at another time. This means that you might benefit from switching to another in the future. You may also find that new customers get better deals so closing your account and reapplying to the same company could mean that you will get a better deal.

How to Keep your Telephone Charges Lower

We all tend to have phones and many of us will have a landline phone as well as a mobile telephone. The cost of having these, even if you only have one of the two, will add up and it can seem like they are getting higher and higher. There are things that you can do though that will help you to keep the costs lower. This can be really handy as you can use the extra money to buy new things or even to repay your loans.

Compare providers

It is wise to compare the different phone providers to see whether you will benefit form switching to a different one. There are lots available and so you will have a chance of finding one that is cheaper. You will probably want to compare the service that they provide for the money and what others think about them. It can be worrying switching, especially if you have to be tied in for a certain time period. However, you could find that things are much better and if you can save money as well it is worth it. However, if you talk to friends and family about who they use, you will be able to find out whether they would recommend any and that could put your mind at rest if they recommend one that you also think sounds good.

Have only one type of phone

If you have both a land line and a mobile phone then it might be wise to get rid of one so that you only have to pay for one. This will reduce the cost and may mean that you no longer have an unnecessary phone line that you do not really use. If you like to have a mobile for emergencies but use your landline as it is cheaper then you should make sure that the mobile phone is on a really cheap deal. You may find that using pay as you go rather than being on a contract will save you a significant amount of money.

Some people may even have two mobile phones. This might be practical as one might be a work phone and one for personal use, but it could be that you have two for personal use. It is worth thinking about whether you really need two phones or whether you could manage with just one and save some money. Consider why you are in this situation and whether it is costing you more money and whether you can manage with just the one and save money.

Find the right phone package

It is really important that you find the right package for your usage. It might be that you use the landline a lot and so would benefit from unlimited calls. If you only use it in the evenings then it might be better to opt for unlimited only in the evenings. If you use lots of texts, then it might be that you want unlimited texts instead. It is good to take note of what you normally use a lot so that you can get a package that will suit your needs the best. There are lots of differences and it can be confusing. Therefore, take a note of what you think you will most need form your phone package. Then you will be able to match your requirements up with different options and find the one that suits you the best. This will take time but it is worth it as you will not end up paying more than necessary for a package which has a lot of things that you do not need.

Communicate by the cheapest means

It is worth noting how much it costs you to use different methods of communication. For example, if you have unlimited internet then it could be cheaper to use instant messenger or a VOIP package rather than using a phone at all. It could be that swapping a few texts could be cheaper than making a telephone call. It could be that you have a certain amount of free mobile minutes so it is cheaper to telephone using this rather than a landline. It is worth working it all out so that you know what will be the best option for you.

This might seem like a lot of hassle but it will be well worth it as you could save a significant amount of money. Even a small saving each month could really add up. Whether you are trying to repay loans, increase your savings or just trying to find it easier to make ends meet, any savings that you make will make a difference and put you closer to achieving your goal. So, take the time to work it out and find the best option for you. Then when you come to renew it will be easier for you to know what to do and where to look next time and it will not take as long.